About Scoop Marketplace

Scoop Marketplace is a zero waste grocery store in Seattle, WA. We offer an efficient shopping experience with a variety of package-free groceries in one easily accessible location.


By sourcing our products in bulk, we are eliminating the need for disposable packaging and significantly reducing our environment impact while saving our customers time and money.


We are committed to building a strong community of people who prioritize sustainable living.


Customers are encouraged to bring their own containers

(clean jars or other food storage containers)

or purchase new ones in the shop.

Our Mission

Reduce Plastic Pollution

By buying and selling our goods free of disposable packaging, we are eliminating the need for wasteful plastic to be disposed of in our waters and land.

Support the Local Economy

By creating a community of zero-waste businesses in our area, we will serve as a hub for bringing innovative environmentally-conscious products and services.

Founder Story

Stephanie Lentz

As a Seattle native, Stephanie has a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. With a background in teaching, she is passionate about educating the community on how to waste less and live more so that we can all improve the quality of our lives as we learn to walk more gently on the planet.


Stephanie is motivated by her love for her family. Founding Scoop Marketplace is not only a way to create healthier food systems and heal the planet for her children, but also to show them that we are made to be a beneficial presence in the world, and we can do hard things. The tragic state of our planet may not be our fault, but it is our responsibility, and we all have enough good in us to do something about it.


When she isn't busy sharing her zero waste tips, spreading love for sustainability by the scoopful, and building her business, you will likely find her baking with her kids, playing board games with her husband, or enjoying a family dance party.

Tuesday - Friday 12 - 6
Saturday - Sunday 12 - 5
Closed Monday
Address:151 12th Ave, Seattle 98122
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