Bonus Sale- What To Expect

Our BONUS DAY SALE is just a few days away (Thursday)! Here are some quick notes on what you can expect:

  1. Find the complete list of all available items here to help you plan your shopping trip.

  2. We will be open later than normal (12pm to 8pm) to help accommodate people who want to come after work.

  3. We have A LOT of recycled jars in the shop. These are jars that have been donated to us over the last year - we sort of became a recycled jar storage facility, but now they all have to go. If you need jars for an upcoming project or can put them to good use, please take them! All leftover secondhand jars will go into the recycling bin after the Bonus Day Sale.

  4. Recycled jars, empty Nellie's buckets, and donated mugs will all be available for FREE, along with a handful of other items like miscellaneous office supplies.

  5. Jars will be clearly labeled as * CLEAN * or * UNWASHED * so that you know which ones can safely be used to fill with bulk food. Because of the volume of jars donated to us in recent months, we did not have the capacity to sanitize all of them.

  6. There are some items that we have A LOT of, like chickpea flour, coconut chips, sesame seeds (both white and black), white wine vinegar, active dry yeast, bug spray, aloe, and cocoa powder. You are welcome and encouraged to purchase large quantities - even the entire bag/box - if you want to.

  7. Just like our closing sale, you may choose your discount up to 40% off. Thank you again to everyone who has chosen to skip the discount and put the money back into the business! Please note that any more valuable items available for sale such as the coffee grinder or scales will not qualify for the 40% discount. These items will be clearly labeled with a price, and reasonable offers will be considered.

This is going to be so much fun and we are looking forward to celebrating with you as we close out this month.

See you at Scoop!