Castille Hand Soap

Scoop Founder, Stephanie, here! I think Holly from Seattle Elderberry was the first person who told me how to make my own foaming hand soap. It is SO easy! I love how using one of the foaming dispensers helps the soap to stretch a lot further. I feel like it is a very economical way to do hand soap.

I also love the the foam helps my kiddos to see where they are putting the soap and to make sure that they get their hands totally clean. 

Curious to learn how to do this yourself? 

Step one: find a foaming soap dispenser.

I just asked on my Buy Nothing group and I had a couple of people offer to save me their dispensers when they were empty. I've been using this one for several months now. Maybe even a full year.

Step two: fill about a quarter to a third of the way with Castile soap.

Step 3: Add a few drops of essential oils. I like peppermint everything, but you could get really creative with the scent here!

Step 4: Fill the rest of the bottle with water.

Step 5: Enjoy your new foaming hand soap!

So simple, right? We carry Castile soap in bulk in the shop as well as essential oils, so bring your thrifted foaming dispenser down to the shop!

Happy Hand Washing!