Clarifying Your Sustainable Style

I’m sure most of you have heard of a “capsule closet” or “capsule wardrobe” by now. This trend essentially asks you to characterize and define your style, in terms of colors, fits, and types of clothing you wear most often.

I took on this project almost TWO years ago in my own home! My closet was packed full of old clothes I clung to for sentimental reasons, tops I had only worn once that were cute but didn’t fit me perfectly, and dresses that I NEVER wore.

Since one of my personal goals was to purchase less “stuff” and begin my transition into living more minimalistically, my closet and buying habits needed to change.

I began by documenting all of the clothes I regularly wore in a 90 day period. All of my favorite jeans, workout clothes, sweaters, and tops. Turns out- you really only need about 30% of the closet you have!

Over the following months, I donated, upcycled, recycled, and sold most of my wardrobe while holding my “clothing qualifications” close to my heart:

1) Does this fit me perfectly?

2) Will I wear this more than once a week?

3) Does this fall into my favorite colors and fits to wear?

4) Is this fabric durable and sustainably made?

5) Will this item fall out of “style”?

Stay tuned for more sustainability tips from our Operations Manager, Taylor!