Hello Kirkland!

Hello from Kirkland!

I hope you had a restful holiday! I have to admit that between the move and trying to get some rest and family time in, I have been a bit out of touch.

I realized that I haven’t even updated you on what’s been going on with Scoop since our last day in Seattle on 12/23. We have since relocated to Kirkland. My incredible team made this move go so smoothly!

Taylor, Cody, Sam, and Nick: you are rockstars! My heart was overflowing with gratitude throughout the entire process! It felt so surreal as they swiftly packed up our entire shop, fitting practically everything into a 15’ moving truck, with a few hundred jars precariously packed into our hatchback cars. Within two hours it was almost as if we had never been there at all.

We have officially moved to our new location at 9743 NE 119th Way, Kirkland. It feels SO GOOD to be in this new, much larger space in Kirkland! You are seriously going to love the new shop and I am excited for you to follow along as we develop it. 


So what’s the deal? When do we open? Can you still shop with us? When are we bringing in all of the fabulous new zero waste groceries we promised you?

Good news first: Yes, you can still shop with us! Our online shop is always open for you! Shipping is available, as well as delivery on Tuesdays, and in-store pick-up Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from noon to 2pm. 

For right now, we will deliver on the Eastside as well as in the Seattle area. We will take a couple of weeks to see how much demand there is and then make adjustments to our delivery area to ensure that we are using our resources wisely. If you live in Seattle and want us to continue to deliver to your neighborhood, please share our shop with your neighbors and encourage them to get on our delivery route!

More good news next: We have a big, beautiful vision for the store we are going to build in this new space, and we are working with an incredible team to bring that vision to life! 

Right now, we are playing a bit of a waiting game. We have received approval from the health department, and are waiting for the city to approve our permits. Permits have to be in place before construction can begin.

We will be building a kitchen so that we can sell a much wider range of food products and even start making a few different things on-site. Over time we will add lots of shelving, cabinets, and counters for ease of use in our full-service, package-free grocery store. 

While we are waiting for the permits to come through, we need to continue to raise funds to finance the buildout of the new space. I will send out an email soon with an update on our funding needs. For now, please consider backing our crowdfunding campaign, purchasing a membership, and shopping with us online

Happy New Year and we look forward to seeing you soon!