Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays quickly approaching, we wanted to give you a simple guide for zero waste gift giving at Scoop! In my family, there is a broad range of interest and awareness in sustainability. I made the resolution for myself this season to only purchase small, local, and with as minimal waste as possible. For me, this meant visiting some local craft markets, making my own gifts, and buying gifts at Scoop Marketplace! 

1. Zero Waste Starter Items

First thing on the list is the items for the zero waste newbies in your life. These are things like our glass and stainless steel straws, reusable grocery bags, and a nice little set of utensils for eating out. Each of these items are sure to help your friend, co-worker, or family member start their journey into the zero waste lifestyle!

2. Self Care Products

From the experienced #selfcare expert to the person who hasn't taken a day off in years, these products will help anyone in your life take some me-time. We have gentle face masks, luxurious bath salts, and DIY body oil blends all available package free at Scoop. Enjoy the benefits of self care without the stress of plastics, palm oils, and GMO's. A win-win for everyone.

3. Artsy Gifts

All the creatives and DIYers in your life, will go crazy over our handmade items made by local artists. You can help the coffee fanatic in your life brew an elegant cup of coffee with our beautiful pour overs and reusable coffee filters. For those (myself included) who love adult coloring books, our calendars with tear-away colorable postcards will do perfectly. And finally, to further indulge in a luxurious self-care routine, be sure to gift a hand crafted decanter for storing custom body oil blends.

4. Gifts for the Kitchen

Home chefs and bakers will certainly appreciate a new addition to their kitchen tools. From produce bags that will preserve their produce in beautiful and hand-made bags to stainless steel lunch containers, there is something for every range of cooking ability.

5. Zero-Waste Home

My sisters and I are all working on transitioning to more zero-waste cleaning products. I know they'd love to receive anything that can help them through this process! Some of my favorites in the shop are our bamboo dryer balls, our glass spray bottles with cleaning solution recipes on the bottle, and our reusable cleaning wipes!

6. Grab and Go Gifts

If your in a hurry, we have some really cute ready to go gifts that are sure to make anyone happy! From tea jars to cookie jars, we have something for everyone on our list. These items also make great gifts for the party host!

7. Books!

Books are a classic and easy gift idea that nearly everyone will love! We have books for the adults and kids in your life.

8. Gifts for Kids

We have the cutest eco-friendly gifts for little ones! You'll find kid's toothbrushes, books from local authors, and colorful reusable kid's cups all at Scoop!

9. Stocking Stuffers

In my husband's family it was a tradition for each kid to receive a toothbrush in their stocking. If this is a tradition in your family (or you'd like to start it) we have the cutest toothbrushes that support a variety of nonprofits based on the color you buy! We also have reusable facial rounds, handkerchiefs, and plastic-free hair ties!

10. Last but not least, a Gift Card!

Do you know someone locally who's been meaning to check out the shop? Someone across the country who would love something from our online shop? Our gift cards can be an easy way to solve any last minute scrambling for gifts! And when you buy a gift card from us, you know your recipient will be shopping package free and from a small business!