Leaf Razors: Why we Love them & How to Care for them

The Leaf Razor is a high-quality, eco-friendly razor. It is similar to the safety razor in that you don’t have to replace any part of the razor except the blades and when you are ready to change the blade you can recycle the used ones! In my opinion, there are a few advantages of the Leaf Razor over the safety razor. I had been using a safety razor for about three years before I learned that the Leaf existed. 

Although the safety razor does it’s job well and is double-sided (each side of the razor has a blade), you shave with only one blade at a time and there isn’t any mobility of the head. As someone who had previously used conventional women’s razors like Venus or Gillette, it was a harder transition to use a razor that only had one blade instead of multiple and didn’t move with the curve of your ankles, knees, etc. That’s why when I saw the Leaf at Scoop Marketplace I decided to invest and purchase one, even though they are more expensive than the safety razor.

The Leaf has three slots for blades, but each slot fits half of a razor blade. To set up the razor you simply snap the blades in half while they’re still in their protective paper wrapping (this sounds more daunting than it actually is- I didn’t get hurt and they snapped without a lot of pressure) and use one and a half blades to fill up the razor.

I’ve never been the most careful or coordinated person, so shaving would regularly result in knicks and accidental cuts. However, with the Leaf and it’s pivoting head I am able to get a clean shave without any cuts! Since it has three blades, I found myself not having to go over the same spot over and over like I had to when I used the safety razor. Although many people love the safety razor, I find that the Leaf razor is more similar to the razors I’ve used for the majority of my life and I feel more comfortable using this one.

In terms of care it is very similar to the safety razor. When you are done with the blades you can put them in a jar or sharps can, or purchase this adorable Leaf blade tin (shown above)! Once you have enough filled up you can recycle them at your recycling center in a taped shut/blade-safe container, through a mail back program, or you can drop them off in a container at Scoop Marketplace and we can help you with the process!

To allow your blades to last as long as possible and to help prevent rust, I suggest that after each use you open up the razor and either leave it open, or take out each blade piece and put them on a little dish to let them dry or dry them with a towel. Doing this has helped me use the same blades for months before having to change them!

To use the razor you don’t need shaving cream in order to get a smooth shave either. I usually suds up a bar of soap and use the lather in place of shaving cream. The All-in-One Booda soap bar (shown above) is a customer favorite to use in place of shaving cream and can act as a shaving bar! Using bar soap in lieu of shaving cream helps keep your shower clutter-free and also reduces your environmental footprint since it’s so easy to find bar soap without packaging instead of supporting the use of aerosol cans!

Leaf as a company is dedicated to reducing their environmental footprint and reducing waste. They have a program called the Ugly Ducks in which they sell their perfectly usable razors that have a slight cosmetic imperfection for a reduced price instead of throwing out those razors and letting them go to waste. As you know, here at Scoop Marketplace we are dedicated to reducing waste and proudly stock these Ugly Duck razors! Although, I must say, they are not ugly in the slightest! An example of some of these slightly imperfect razors can be seen in the photo below!