Make Your Own Fire Starter

My husband was so confused when I gave him this gift. He just opened up the box and stared. I was so excited about it, that it didn't occur to me to explain it at first. I quickly realized that he had no idea what I was so excited about and blurted out - "Fire starters! I made you fire starters! Aren't they cool??" He loves building cozy fires for us, so he appreciated it once he knew it wasn't just a box of garbage. 

He also thought it was funny that just the day before I had rescued some orange peel that he was trying to put in the compost and he said "unless you need it for something" and I said "oh, yes, I do." I save weird stuff, so he didn't seem too surprised, but the timing was funny.

I read several different blog posts before creating this... which maybe wasn't the best use of my time, I mean, come on, the whole point is just to make a little thing that will burn long enough to catch the logs on fire, shouldn't be too tricky. I decided to use only materials that we already had laying around: toilet paper tubes, dryer lint and dried out orange peels. When I ran out of toilet paper tubes, I decided to just go ahead and give him the rest of the orange peels because I figure those might work as kindling anyhow.

All I did was stuff some dryer lint in the tube, add some pieces or dried orange peel and then stuff the rest of the tube with more lint. I love that I basically just found a purpose for things that would have otherwise gone to waste.

Why did I have so many dried orange peels laying around... ? We eat a lot of little oranges at this time of year and if I'm out of the house, I just tuck the peels into the outer pockets of my backpack or leave them in an open mason jar in my car. The original intention was just to hang on to them until I could compost them, but they dry out pretty quickly and sometimes I just forget about them. Once I decided to this, I just collected them for about a week or so to make sure that I had enough.

If you want to get even more creative with these, do a little research - there are so many cool ideas! Cheers to turning trash into gifts! Have fun!