Plastic Free July 2021: Week 1

Plastic Free July 2021

Welcome to the first week of our Plastic Free July Journey!

Many take on the challenge to refuse single-use plastics for the entire month of July. That challenge can be a bit daunting, so we wanted to do things a bit differently at Scoop this year. Working towards a more sustainable life doesn't have to be all or nothing. Each week this month, we'll focus on minimizing waste in one area of our lives, so you can take it one step at a time. 

Whether you're a zero waste pro or just interested in learning more, we are glad you joined us for this Plastic Free July Journey!

Start with a Waste Audit

If you've never done a waste audit before, now is a good time to start! There are many ways to approach an audit at home, but if you want to get really into it, grab a tarp and a pair of gloves and dump all of the garbage in your bins out. Sort through everything, getting an idea of the kinds of waste created in your household. (If you have kiddos, they'll love to do this with you, and you can use this great guide from PBS).

If dumping out your waste isn't your style, or you don't have the space for it, you can take a simpler approach. Write a note like "What am I throwing away?" or "How can I eliminate this waste?" and tape it next to the main garbage can in your house. Each time you throw out something this week, stop and think about what's heading to the landfill. Is this an item you frequently use and throw out? What could you do to 

Seeing all of your trash or thinking about it more frequently will help you identify the waste you make and how to minimize it. By the end of the week, write down a few key areas of your life that produce the most trash and start brainstorming ideas for eliminating that waste.

We want to hear about your discoveries. Connect with us on Facebook or Instagram and tell us what you're learning. Have you identified a key area but need help finding a solution or plastic-free alternatives? We're here to help! Send us a message or stop by our shop in Kirkland and our team will do our best to help you find some solutions.