Scoop SOS! (Take a quick read, maybe you can help!)


We had an incredible turnout for our Small Business Saturday gathering. Thank you to everyone who came and rescued the last bits of our bulk food and purchased some of the remaining inventory and equipment.

Team Scoop spent yesterday morning clearing out the shop space, and it was so much easier thanks to your help over the last couple of months! Closing the shop has been a long process, and it's not over yet.

I'm reaching out today in the hopes that you can help connect me with a small business that would want to purchase our kitchen equipment and/or move into our space in Juanita Village.

I thought I had a new tenant lined up to move into the space and purchase all of our fixtures and equipment, which would have released me from the lease and helped to recover some funds. Unfortunately, I just found out that the deal has fallen, leaving me in a very difficult position.

Here is what I need to have to happen as soon as possible:

1. To sell all of our kitchen equipment & custom-built fixtures including:

  • Commercial under-counter dishwasher
  • Commercial reach-in fridge
  • Commercial reach-in freezer
  • Wire Shelving
  • Three Compartment Sink
  • Custom Built Wood & Metal Shelving
  • Scales & Square Point of Sale System

2. To find an established business with strong financials that wants to take over the lease (or to magically be released from my obligation so I can move on with my life)

My ideal scenario would be to find a business that wants to move in AND buy all of our kitchen equipment and fixtures so that everything can remain in place, (but since I need to bring some money in quickly, this would need to happen fast).

I am so incredibly proud of the way in which my dream store design was brought to life and would love to see this beautiful space continue to serve the community in it's current state.

For more information about the equipment we have for sale, please click here.

For more information about leasing the space, please click here.

After reviewing these materials, if you have additional questions, please email us at

Thank you for your help!