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Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning Tips

Written by: Jenni Keniston There is something about the first warm days of Spring that inspires me to want to purge, organize and clean my entire home.  Anyone else?  Luckily, at Scoop Marketplace, I can find everything I need to help get my home squeaky clean.  Best part about picking up all my supplies at Scoop is that I don’t have to worry about any unnecessary toxic chemicals or plastic packaging waste coming into my home. Contrary to what most grocery store home-care aisles would try to make us believe, it only takes a few products to tackle most household cleaning tasks.  Even better is that most of these natural, eco-friendly ingredients are items you probably already keep stocked in...

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Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Any Amazing Caregiver

Written by Jenni Keniston (an Earth-loving Mama of 3) There are all kinds of loving, hard-working and selfless caregivers in this world who definitely deserve a little extra recognition this Sunday (and everyday).  If you are struggling to come up with a fabulous way to say "thank you!", we put together a list of gift ideas here that might help. Thoughtful, Low-Waste Mother's Day Gifts:  Provide a Home Cooked Plant-Based Meal or Support a Local Restaurant (Make sure to cover all prep and clean-up!) A Potted Plant or Terrarium Herb Garden in Jars or Recycled Containers (Don't miss the Rising Sign Farm plant sale at Scoop this month!) Jewelry Made by a Local Artist (Bonus if made from up-cycled materials.) Personalized Loose...

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Ideas for a Low-Waste Spring Celebration

Written by: Jenni Keniston It’s that lovely time of year when the days are getting longer and warmer and many caregivers are gathering goodies to gift to their little ones in celebration of the Spring season.  If your childhood was like mine, this meant that you received a large plastic basket, wrapped in plastic film, stuffed with colored plastic “grass” and filled with wrapped candy, a chocolate rabbit in plastic (that I would never eat...), ANOTHER stuffed bunny, and a bunch of little plastic eggs and toys that soon would break and end up in the trash.  When the time came for me to be the adult who was responsible for assembling Spring holiday baskets, I decided to take a...

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