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Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning Tips

Written by: Jenni Keniston There is something about the first warm days of Spring that inspires me to want to purge, organize and clean my entire home.  Anyone else?  Luckily, at Scoop Marketplace, I can find everything I need to help get my home squeaky clean.  Best part about picking up all my supplies at Scoop is that I don’t have to worry about any unnecessary toxic chemicals or plastic packaging waste coming into my home. Contrary to what most grocery store home-care aisles would try to make us believe, it only takes a few products to tackle most household cleaning tasks.  Even better is that most of these natural, eco-friendly ingredients are items you probably already keep stocked in...

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Understanding “Carbon Neutral”

Written by: Taylor Stirling   The term “carbon neutral” is getting thrown around a LOT nowadays, and companies boast their neutrality (as they should!) on their marketing platforms. So what does it actually mean, and why is it important?  Our increasingly eCommerce-centric shopping habits are placing more of a carbon burden on the planet through shipping and transportation logistics. This industry has become one of the top polluting services at about 10% of global CO2-e emissions. Carbon neutrality is helping relieve that burden.  Carbon neutrality means having net zero emissions from business activities. Neutrality is essentially “cancelling out” the emitted carbon through offsetting. Offsetting can look like many different avenues of carbon sequestration, like planting regenerative agriculture, investing in carbon...

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