Time To Stock Up!

One of the things I love most about shopping in bulk is that I can stock up on the items I use most to help avoid frequent trips to the grocery store. And if I'm being really honest, while I am holding tightly to every last warm, sunny day this beautiful PNW summer is willing to give us, I'm also ready to flip the switch to hibernation mode as soon as the weather changes. I want to get my pantry well stocked so when those dark rainy (or snowy!) days are upon us, I'm fully prepared to remain cozily in my house cooking and baking up delicious things like split pea soup, dinner rolls, chili & cornbread, focaccia, lentil dal with rice, waffles, chickpea tacos, pies, pink crepes, and of course, cookies!!

With Scoop closing later this month, this is the perfect time to stock up! Flour, sugar, beans, rice, spices, teas, cleaning supplies - bring your biggest jars (or just buy some of ours, we have dozens of gallon and half gallon jars that we need to sell) and fill them with your favorite high quality, low waste products.

This is also the perfect time to think about buying gifts to give throughout the coming year. Birthdays, holidays, or if you're like me, maybe you like to keep a stash of gifts on hand to pick from whenever an occasion arrises. Low waste living products make lovely gifts because 1) you know they will be useful and add value to someone's life, 2) they are often really beautiful and can provide a fun and exciting alternative to the less sustainable options and 3) you are helping someone build a healthier lifestyle that will not only improve their quality of life, but will also have a ripple effect that positively impacts those around them and contributes to a brighter future for all of us. (Bonus: you're supporting small business owners who work hard to make the world a better place!)

Need some ideas to get you started? I'm happy to help you out!

  1. Shampoo bars! Our shampoo bars are made by a woman owned business in Tacoma, and they are well loved by many members of the community. We have three varieties: Curly (green), Straight (orange) and Shine (purple). Stock up on bars for yourself so you don't have to worry about running out of your favorite shampoo for the next few years, and buy a stash to keep on hand for gifts as well. Bundle one with some of our awesome organic cotton, plastic free scrunchies, and a lovely wooden brush or comb!
  2. Oral care! Tooth tabs and bamboo toothbrushes always come in handy and they make excellent stocking stuffers! We only have "child size" tooth brushes left, but who's to say they can't be used by adults, right? Go for it!
  3. Swedish Dish Cloths! Our Swedish Dish Cloths were designed and printed by a local, woman owned business. Not only are they super cute, but they are also a really handy cleaning tool. They can replace as many as 17 rolls of paper towels 🙀 Use them to wash dishes, wipe up spills, or do other cleaning throughout the house. They can be washed and reused over and over again until they start to fall apart, at which point they can be thrown in the compost. Purchase a stack to use in your home for years to come (they're so little, they'll hardly take up any space - just think of the mountain of paper towels it would take to replace them!) and give them out as gifts for a really cute, useful way to introduce a sustainable habit into someone's life. Imagine one of these packaged up with a dish soap bar, bamboo soap dish, and a reusable dish scrubber, or a mason jar spray topper and some cleaning tablets.
  4. Period Undies & Menstrual cups! If you haven't heard me say it before, hear me now - reusable menstrual products significantly increased my quality of life! I remember reading about the horrible chemicals in the disposable products and how much those can mess with our hormones and actually worsen the physical symptoms associated with our menstrual cycles. Seemed a little strange to me.... until I tried it! When I switched to reusable period products my cramps significantly decreased as did the heaviness of my flow and the number of days that I bleed - say what?! Yeah, like I said, life changing! The Saalt products we carry at Scoop are top notch, and trust me, I've tried a lot of different brands! Stop by and build up a stash of period undies for yourself (check out the sizing guide on their website here) and if you're open to trying it, pick up a menstrual cup or two as well. I personally use both at the same time to give myself peace of mind, knowing that I've got the undies to back-up the cup - just in case.
  5. Organic Home Garden Kit! Have you seen these? They are so cute and would make excellent gifts! I love being able to snip some fresh herbs while I'm cooking or baking, and it's especially nice to have in the winter when it can seem a bit more challenging to grow our own fresh food.
  6. Elderberry To-Go Kits! Being back at school means cold and flu season is just around the corner! Prepare your family's immune system with these super-concentrated, full-spectrum elderberry elixir designed to boost your immunity. This organic elderberry tincture is great for humans of all ages!

Quick reminder: the last day to shop online is Wednesday, September 14th, and the last day to shop in-store is Sunday, September 18th. Until then, the store is open regular hours, 10am to 6pm, daily. We've got plenty of jars ready to go and cannot wait to help you stock up!