Why We Believe in Bulk Shopping

We currently offer bulk personal care products, home goods, and a large selection of dry bulk foods. In order to expand our bulk food offering we need your to do 2 things:

  1. Make bulk shopping at Scoop a regular part of your routine (the more product we sell, the more product we can purchase)
  2. Back our crowdfunding campaign to support the purchase of new equipment items that will allow us to bring in fresh and frozen foods and make products in-house including nut butter, plant milk and more.
So WHY shop in bulk?
  1. It decreases the amount of packaging being produced and put into the waste stream: instead of each of us buying lots of smaller individually packaged things that take a lot more resources (time, energy, money, materials) to wrap, we buy one big bag of each product (usually in a fully recyclable or compostable or reusable container) and share it amongst all of us.
  2. Bonus to the point above: less trash in your home means you don't have to take the garbage out as frequently, and nobody likes taking out the garbage, am I right?
  3. It gives us an opportunity to reuse containers that we already have instead of buying new ones. What's that? You don't think you're buying new containers? Actually, packaging is expense, and every time you purchase a product in a container, part of the cost of that item goes directly towards paying for the packaging. This also increases our awareness of what we are consuming and what we are throwing "away" - can somebody tell me where "away" is, because I'm pretty sure it's just those big holes in the ground called landfills that we dug to store our trash for all eternity.
  4. Bulk shopping is a great way to try new products! When you are experimenting with something new, like our liquid shampoo for example, it's always a bummer when you invest in the whole bottle and then after using it twice, discover that your hair hates it. When you choose the quantity at a bulk store like Scoop, then you can buy however much you need or want: 1 tablespoon of laundry detergent to try it for just one load? We can do that. 1/4th teaspoon of cardamom because you know you will only use it for this one recipe and the rest would go bad? Let me grab the measuring spoons. 2 bay leaves for your Sunday dinner? You got it! Or maybe 25lbs of rolled oats because your kids eat them every single day and you just can't be bothered to run back and forth to the grocery store to keep restocking? We can do that, too!
  5. Another bonus: buying in bulk is often an opportunity to save money. Yes, you heard that right! While it is true that many of the items we carry at @scoopmarketplace will be more expensive than what you find at the conventional grocery store because they are ethically made/grown/sourced/produced by people who are properly compensated for their work and often by small business owners who have higher overhead expenses and a lot of things working against them in our broken systems, there's just no denying that 1) buying in larger quantities should be cheaper (and often times is) and 2) skipping the packaging saves you money! Many customers discover that refilling their bulk spices and teas with us actually gives them a great deal on those products and you can get a whole lot more for your money than if you bought them in little plastic bottles at a different store. Additionally, when you choose the quantity of food that you want to purchase instead of purchasing a predetermined (and pre-packaged quantity) then you can buy an amount of food equal to what you know you can consume before it goes bad. The average household of 4 wastes approximately $2,000 of food every year because they bought to much and it went bad and they had to toss it without even being able to eat it - buying in bulk reduces food waste and keeps that money in your pocket!
Did I get them all? Tell me what else you love about shopping in bulk?