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Closing the 2021 Chapter

Whoa. I don't know about you, but I'm still feeling more than a little bit shell shocked after the whirlwind of 2021.  Lots of things happened in 2021. Good things, bad things, frustrating things, exciting things.... it was definitely a year of growth, though not exactly the growth that I was expecting. In 2021 our store went from this:  To this:  We had many ups and downs with permitting delays, construction challenges, and even a kitchen fire.  Our store was completely transformed, and our team went through a lot of changes as well. I'll be the first to admit, with all of the uncertainty and long drawn out delays, this was a very difficult environment to work in, and while my...

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Why We Believe in Bulk Shopping

We currently offer bulk personal care products, home goods, and a large selection of dry bulk foods. In order to expand our bulk food offering we need your to do 2 things: Make bulk shopping at Scoop a regular part of your routine (the more product we sell, the more product we can purchase) Back our crowdfunding campaign to support the purchase of new equipment items that will allow us to bring in fresh and frozen foods and make products in-house including nut butter, plant milk and more. So WHY shop in bulk? It decreases the amount of packaging being produced and put into the waste stream: instead of each of us buying lots of smaller individually packaged things that...

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Why Subscribing to the Scoop Swap Box is a Must

Written by: Darby Frey If you’re a Scoop Marketplace fanatic, you’ve probably already heard of the new program that we are so excited about - the Scoop Swap Box. But what really is it? Why do you absolutely need to subscribe to it? And how is it going to change your sustainability routine? So first, what is it? Well, it’s a monthly subscription box that is sent right to your doorstep, full of creative and innovative swaps that will help you step-up or jump start your sustainability journey. Each box is crafted with plastic-free, sustainably sourced items and packaged in fully recyclable or compostable packing so that your entire Scoop Swap Box is zero-waste, all for one flat rate monthly...

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