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Support Small Businesses

Happy Small Business Saturday!  Earlier this month I shared some of my thoughts on Instagram about how important it is to support small business with online reviews, social media engagement, and word of mouth. The Scoop community showed up in a big way following that post! I was blown away by how many people took the time to post a review for Scoop on Google and Square. Words cannot express how much I appreciate you being part of this incredibly positive and uplifting zero waste community. I love the way that we are all joining together to normalize sustainable living. On this beautifully sunny (and cold!) Small Business Saturday, I wanted to take a moment to remind you of a...

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Tikka Masala & Garam Masala | The spices that can give you a more unique curry experience.

  Years ago, when I was in Thailand, my home country, I was never into spices when it comes to cooking. Either Thai spices, Chinese, or Indian spices. Because I was used to eating food cooked from fresh ingredients that my mom and aunt always cooked for me. They often used herbs from our farm or farmer’s market. So, spices were not my interest. Whenever I thought of them, I thought of tons of different ground, dried herbs. It’s too overwhelming.  I remember one time, when I was in Australia, my housemate cooked his food with some spice (later, I knew it’s cumin). I nearly ran out of the house because I couldn’t stand that pungency. I wondered why people...

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