Bulk Dry Food

Pulses (Beans, Lentils, Peas)

  1. Black Bean, Organic 

  2. French Green Lentil, Organic

  3. Garbanzo Bean, Organic 

  4. Great Northern Bean, Organic

  5. Green Split Pea, Organic

  6. Kidney Bean, Organic

  7. Lentil, Green, Organic

  8. Lentil, Red, Organic

  9. Mung Bean, Organic

  10. Pinto Bean, Organic

Grains, Seeds, Pastas

  1. Barley, Semi-Pearled, Organic (out of stock)

  2. Broccoli Sprouting Seeds, Organic

  3. Brown Rice Elbow Pasta, Gluten-free, Organic

  4. Brown Rice Penne Pasta, Gluten-free, Organic

  5. Brown Rice Spaghetti, Gluten-free, Organic

  6. Brown Rice Spiral Pasta, Gluten-free, Organic

  7. Brown Rice, Medium Grain (out of stock)

  8. Buckwheat Groats

  9. Chia Seeds, Black, Organic 

  10. Corn Grits, Polenta, Organic

  11. Cornmeal, Yellow, Organic

  12. Couscous, Wholewheat, Organic

  13. Flax Seeds, Whole, Organic

  14. Hemp Seeds, Organic 

  15. Hulled Millet, Organic

  16. Hulled Raw Pumpkin Seeds, Organic

17. Jasmine Rice, Organic

18. Oats Groats, Organic

19. Popcorn, Yellow, Organic (out of stock)

20. Poppy Seeds, Whole, Organic

21. Quinoa, Red, Organic (out of stock)

22. Quinoa, White, Organic

22. Rolled Oats (Gluten Free), Organic (out of stock)

23. Rolled Oats, Regular, Organic

24. Rye Berries, Organic

25. Sesame Seeds, Whole, Organic

26. Steel Cut Oat Groats, Organic

27. Sunflower Seeds,Organic

28. Sushi Rice, Short, Organic

29. Wheat Berries, Hard Red, Organic

30. White Basmati Rice, Organic

31. White Rice, Long grain, Organic (out of stock)

Flours, Sweeteners, Candy

  1. All Purpose High-Gluten Flour, Organic (Unbleached Wheat)

  2. Almond Meal, Dry Roasted, Organic

  3. Brown Rice Flour, Organic Sprouted

  4. Coconut Milk Powder, Organic

  5. Coconut Sugar, Organic

  6. Evaporated Cane Sugar, Organic

  7. Garbanzo Flour, Organic

  8. Hibiscus Sugar

  9. Maple Sugar, Organic

  10. Masa Harina, Organic Corn

  11. Semolina Flour, Organic

  12. Spelt Flour, Organic

  13. Vital Wheat Gluten Flour, Non GMO, Organic

  14. Xylitol

  15. Tom Bumble Nutty or Smooth Peanut Butter Flake Chocolate, Organic, GF, Vegan

  16. Lou Whistle Chocolate Molasses Pecan Chew 2-Pack, Organic, GF, Vegan

Baking Ingredients,Salt

  1. Active Dry Yeast (out of stock)

  2. Arrowroot Powder, Organic

  3. Beetroot Powder

  4. Black Lava Salt, Kosher

  5. Cacao Nibs Roasted 

  6. Cacao Powder, Organic, Fair Trade(out of stock)

  7. Celery Salt, Organic

  8. Choc Chip Cookie Jars

  9. Cocoa Powder, Alkalized, Organic, Fair Trade

  10. Coconut Chips, Organic

  11. Coconut Cream Powder, Organic 

  12. Coconut Flakes, Organic

  13. Corn Starch, Organic 

  14. Cream of Tartar

15. Double Acting Baking Powder 

16. Guar Gum, Organic, Kosher

17. Himalayan Pink Salt, Coarse, Kosher

18. Himalayan Pink Salt, Fine Grain, Kosher

19. Instant Yeast

20. Nutritional Yeast, Large Flakes, Organic

21. Pastry Flour, Organic Wheat

22. Psyllium Husk Powder, Organic

23. Pure Vanilla Powder, Organic

24. Sea Salt

25. Small Tapioca Pearls (out of stock)

26. Tapioca Starch, Organic

27. Whole Wheat Flour, Organic Edison Hard White

28. Xanthan Gum Powder 80 Mesh 

Bulk Spices & Dried Herbs

  1. Allspice Powder, Organic

  2. Ancho Pepper Powder, Fair Trade, Organic

  3. Ashwagandha Root Powder, Organic

  4. Basil Leaf, Kosher, Dried, Organic

  5. Bay Leaf, Whole, Organic

  6. Black Pepper, Ground, Organic, Fair Trade

  7. Black Peppercorns, Whole, Organic 

  8. Brown Mustard Seed, Organic

  9. Cardamom Pods (out of stock)

  10. Cardamom Powder, Organic

  11. Carob Raw Powder, Organic

  12. Cayenne Powder, Organic

  13. Chaga Mushroom Powder, Organic

  14. Chili Flakes, Organic, Fair Trade (out of stock)

  15. Chipotle Chocolate Rub

  16. Chipotle Powder, Organic

  17. Cinnamon Sticks

  18. Cinnamon, Ground, Organic 

  19. Cloves Powder, Organic 

  20. Cloves, Whole, Organic

  21. Coriander Seed Powder, Organic

  22. Cumin Seed, Ground, Organic 

  23. Dukkah

  24. Dill Weed, Organic

  25. Elderberries, Whole, Organic (out of stock)

  26. English Lavender Flowers, Whole, Organic

  27. Fenugreek Seed Powder, Organic

  28. Garam Masala, Organic

  29. Garlic Powder, Organic

  30. Ginger Root Powder ,Organic

  31. Ginger Root, Organic

32. Harissa

33. Herbes De Provence

34. Kava Kava Root Powder

35. Kombu Flakes, Organic

36. Maca Powder, Organic

37. Nit'ir Qibe

38. Nutmeg, Ground

39. Onion Powder, Organic

40. Orange Peel

41. Oregano Leaf, Organic 

42. Paprika Powder, Organic 

43. Parsley Leaf, Organic

44. Pickling Spice

45. Red Chili Roasted Powder, Organic 

46. Rosemary Leaf, Organic

47. Sage Leaf, Whole, Organic

48. Smoked Cayenne Powder, Organic, Fair Trade

49. Smoked Paprika Powder, Organic 

50. Spirulina Powder, Organic

51. Star Anise (out of stock)

52. Taco Seasoning, Organic

53. Thai Curry Blend, Organic (out of stock)

54. Thyme Leaf, Organic

55. Tikka Masala (out of stock)

56. Turmeric Root Powder, Organic, Fair Trade

57. Turmeric Tea

58. Tuscan Seasoning

59. Vadouvan

60. Yellow Mustard Seed Ground, Organic

61. Yellow Mustard Seed Whole, Organic

62. Za'atar (out of stock)

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