Community Cultivator Job Opening

Do you love to be the go-to cheerleader? The person that answers the questions, solves the problems, and is the one everyone can count on for help?

Are you obsessed with keeping things organized and loooove a good color-coordinated spreadsheet?

Want to work with a supportive, fun team on a mission to normalize zero waste shopping and create a sustainable future?

Perhaps you’re right for our open position as a Community Cultivator.

Scoop Marketplace is a zero waste grocery store in Kirkland, WA, and we use our digital side of the business, Scoop Intelligence, to provide e-learning opportunities for Ecopreneurs who want to learn how to open zero waste stores like Scoop, and EcoCitizens who want continued education in Sustainability. We are looking for someone to join the team as a Community Cultivator to manage our Zero Waste Hero Student community, as well as our Affiliate Partner program.

You’ll know this job is for you if…

  • You love to be the host of the party and are ready to tend to every detail
  • While most people assume you’re an extrovert, you feel completely comfortable spending alone time with a spreadsheet to organize notes, data, and ideas after a day of connecting!
  • You take extra pride in your excellent customer service skills and love the thought of putting a smile on people’s faces, even in sticky situations
  • You’re the kind of person who remembers people’s names and faces and even other details about them long after the conversation is over
  • You believe that genuine connection is based on authenticity and a shared value system 

This role requires the ability to work cohesively within a team while maintaining your own, independent role, projects, and accountability of tasks and timeline. You will also be receiving guidance, support, and ideas from our team.

As you can see, this isn’t simply a job.

This is an opportunity to have your dream role fulfilling your calling to support our students, customers, and partners, and living a fully expressed life doing what you love.


  • Attend regular team meeting with a prepared update on your metrics (pitches sent and accepted, number of partners on board for our next promotion, partners who have completed milestones, and more)
  • Monitor Student/Partner Facebook groups and email account to track and answer questions
  • Draft, publish, and send prepared communications to our students & partners
  • Track collaborations and connections and keep our connection database updated, including contact information, dates, and additional information
  • Host group calls inside of our student/members community
  • Research potential people to connect with and pitch for partnerships 
  • Set up Google Drive folders and documents for new partners and track their progress
  • Process payouts for partners and keep track of their commissions
  • Test all partner content to make sure they have access to the right items
  • Test all partner links to make sure they’re tracking properly
  • Help compile, prepare and/or update our partner assets and content

Continuing education:

  • Rock Your Affiliate Program: 12-week training on running a profitable affiliate program (This training is currently underway, and we would like to have you join in as quickly as possible)


  • Complete comfort working virtually at least 90% of the time. You do well working from home and have strong boundaries. While this position can be entirely remote, Scoop Marketplace is established around the idea of a local community, and there is definitely value in being close enough to be familiar with the store and stop by on occasion. This is not a requirement and highly qualified applicants who live outside of the Seattle area will be considered. 
  • You’re an organizational genius. We communicate with dozens (if not hundreds) of people on a daily basis and our goal is to make every interaction with each of those individuals a happy one, which involves keeping detailed records and notes.
  • Knowledge of, and interest in, the online course industry (Not required, but helpful!)
  • Upbeat, resourceful self-starter able to work in a dynamic environment with limited oversight.
  • Random bullet point inserted to see if you’re paying attention. Put the secret code in your application. The secret code is: “the mighty mason jar”
  • Extremely strong people skills… hopefully that’s been made clear by now!
  • Please note: Starting out, this is a 8-12 hour per week role, with room to grow into a full time position as the business grows. It’s a great opportunity for those looking for extra income while utilizing their people skills and organizational obsession. 
  • Compensation begins at $15.00 per hour. 


To apply:

  • Make sure to have the secret code handy. If you do not have the secret code, please do not apply.
  • Create a letter or up to 3-minute video to tell us how you fit THIS job. Tell us what about this role would be a dream for you and why you’re the perfect candidate.
Click here to fill out the application and include a link to your letter or video (make sure it’s viewable by anyone).