Let's Grow Scoop, Together!

We are continuing to expand our offerings at Scoop Marketplace, but we need your help! Be a part of our crowdfunding campaign - now LIVE!


Working together as a community, our goal is to raise $32,000 by November 1st!

Scoop Marketplace is a zero waste grocery store where customers fill reusable containers with our variety of package-free food, home goods, and personal care products. Our mission is to normalize zero waste shopping by teaching people how to improve the quality of their lives as they learn to walk more gently on the planet. 

Our products encourage sustainable living, our sourcing supports ethical businesses with an emphasis on small, local and minority owned, and we have the opportunity to work with businesses and consumers to normalize reusables. We are committed to finding innovative ways to offer this service while meeting the demands of our modern culture.

With the shop re-opening and growing rapidly, we are still in need of certain pieces of equipment to expand our offerings and become a full-service, package-free grocery store to meet the needs of our community.

The funds raised will be used to install equipment including:

  • refrigerators for produce and fresh bulk foods
  • a tap system for bulk oils and beverages
  • nut butter grinders
  • a coffee grinder
  • an oven for fresh baked goods
  • an upgraded scale system to streamline our systems

All of this will help Scoop provide a better customer experience and become a true one-stop-shop for your zero waste living. We want our entire community to be a part of the growing process.

Will you join us by becoming an initial backer on our launch day?