Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still bring my own containers to fill at the shop?

Yes, you are welcome to bring in your own CLEAN and DRY containers!  

What are Scoop's COVID-19 policies?

Our team will fill your container for you, using a clean funnel as a barrier between our jars and your container.  Please let our team handle our jars and products for you.  

We are not allowing reused plastic bags at this time. We do have various sizes of clean jars on hand for your use.  Both donated jars and new jars for purchase.

Our shop is small so, at this time, we are asking that only 2 customers enter inside the shop at a time.  Face coverings are required.

Our team sanitizes their hands, funnels and scoops between each customer.  We sanitize all surfaces often throughout the work day.

Can I do a 'no contact' pickup of my order?

We do have a small loading zone in front of the shop. If you would like to have your pickup order dropped in your trunk, feel free to park in this spot and call in to the shop to let our staff know that you are outside. Please wait until you receive the email confirming that your order is ready for pickup before driving to the shop.

Do you deliver?

Yes!  We do!  Everything in our online shop is available for delivery in many Seattle neighborhoods. Read on for more details.

Do you ship?

Yes!  We do have carbon neutral shipping!  You will notice that some items, mostly the large quantity bulk items, are not available for shipping. If you live far away and want to purchase something that is currently only available for pick-up or delivery, please email us and we will see what we can figure out.

Where do you deliver to?

Our delivery service has gone through several adjustments to meet our community’s changing needs in a sustainable way during this time. Currently, delivery Is available throughout much of Seattle. If you would like delivery, but your address falls outside our currently set range, please send us an email. We can make arrangements for contactless, trunk-drop meetups and we can make exceptions for orders over $150.

If there there is high enough demand, we will be able to expand our delivery zones further, so spread the word!

Is there a delivery fee?

The delivery fee is $10 and the order minimum is $40. 
*Please remember that delivery is a new service and is subject to change.*

When do you deliver?

At this time: Friday is our delivery day.

*** Please note that, we have a small shop and a small staff.  Please understand that we are unable to prepare orders in time for same day or next day pickup or delivery.

Can I purchase a smaller quantity of the bulk items?

Yes!  We now have a variety of smaller quantities available that are packaged in either compostable bags or small glass jars. Please note that the tin ties on the tops of some of the bags do need to be removed before composting.

Can I add a few reusable items to my bulk goods order? 

Of course!  Everything in the shop is available for you to purchase and we are happy to deliver your entire order (including, for example, a 25 lb bag of oats, floss refills, a shampoo bar, and a 3-pack of wax wraps) all at once.

Why do the larger quantity bulk items sometimes take over a week before they are available for pickup or delivery?

Large bulk quantities often need to be received from our vendors before they will be ready for our customers.  Our storage space is limited on site.

What shipping materials do you use?

We are currently reusing any boxes and packing materials that collect in the shop from product shipments. We are also using paper tape to seal boxes. We will reuse what we can find and hope to purchase very few new materials. 

Many other shops advertise about their plastic-free shipments, but if we are able to find some secondhand plastic packing materials, we will definitely use them. It’s more important to us to use what we have than to completely avoid plastic just on principle. 

We will try to always include a note letting you know how the shipping materials should be disposed of.

Why do the available products and prices change each week?

The product availability and pricing is determined by which food sourcing company is shipping inventory to us this week. The bulk products you see available in the online shop at any given time are a reflection of the next shipment we have coming in. As we get into a rhythm, you will begin to notice which products are associated with which vendor and we will have a more regular schedule.

Can't find a product you are looking for?  Or, are you interested in placing a special order?

If there is a product you would like to see added to our shop and/or the online store, or a custom quantity you are hoping to order, please reach out to us and we will see if we can accommodate your need.

Still have questions? Please send us an email at