Frequently Asked Questions


We have chosen to close our Renton location. You can continue to shop with us online or in person in Kirkland during the hours listed below!

Shop Hours: 

Due to operating with limited staff, we have decided to reduce our hours beginning 04/25/22

Monday - Sunday: 10AM - 6PM

Where are you located?

We are located in Juanita Village in Kirkland, WA. Our physical address is 9743 NE 119th Way, Kirkland, WA 98034. 

Please note that some online mapping services route their step by step instructions to end slightly past or slightly before our shop!

You can find our own written step by step directions for accessing our store here

Can I bring in my own containers to fill with bulk?!

Yes! Please bring your own clean, empty containers to fill with bulk food, cleaning and personal care products. 

We ask and strongly enforce that your container is completely empty from any product it contained previously. This minimizes the risk of cross contamination, as well as ensuring that the freshest product remains at the top of your container for use! 

Do I HAVE to bring my own containers?

Nope! We have a shelf (located directly to your left when entering the store) filled with donated, sanitized-by-us containers recycled by our community! You are welcome to help yourself to those containers, with a $0.50 charge each. 

We additionally have brand new glass jars varying in size, uses and price. You can get a feel for what we have in stock by viewing our online selection here

**Currently our donated containers collection is overflowing and we are temporarily suspending our acceptance of donations. Thank you for being such a willing community to drop off your used containers! We will be sure to update you when we resume this recycling service. 

Do I have to be a member to shop at Scoop?

No! Anyone is welcome to visit us and experience our zero waste shopping experience!

Our members simply receive a discount on every purchase and receive access to our bulk online ordering service. If you are interested in these perks, you can read more about our memberships here

Are your products organic? 

Yes! This is an important value here at Scoop Marketplace. While we do not require organic certification, all of our food is organically grown and process, and most of the ingredients in our household and personal care products are organic as well.

Are your products vegan?

Yes! Offering only plant-based products is another essential value at Scoop Marketplace. You can feel assured that every product we sell contains no traces of animal or animal biproduct, and cruelty free.

Do your products contain palm oil? 

Never! While palm is in some ways a very plentiful and efficient resource, we aren't comfortable with the regulations around sustainably sourced palm oil and choose to avoid this resource so as not to unknowingly contribute to devastating deforestation.

If you are just now learning about the impacts of harvesting palm oil, check out our blog post all about it.

The online store is always open for in-store pickup and carbon neutral shipping orders.

Delivery is temporarily suspended due to low demand.  We are able to make exceptions for large bulk orders.  If there is something you are looking for that is not on the website, please let us know at and we will try to accommodate. 

Why do I need a passcode to access the Large Quantity Bulk items?

Access to ordering from our Large Quantity Bulk is now one of the many perks of our exciting new membership programs.  Click here to learn more about our Scoop Memberships.  

What are Scoop's COVID-19 policies?

Our team sanitizes their hands, funnels and scoops between each customer.  We sanitize all surfaces often throughout the work day.

Masks are required when scooping bulk products.

When can I pickup my online order?

We are open for pickups at our Kirkland location 7 days a week from 10 AM to 6 PM. Please wait until you receive the email confirming that your order is ready for pickup before driving to the shop.

*** Please understand that we may not be unable to prepare orders in time for same day, depending on the order and what time it is placed.

Do you deliver?

Our delivery service has gone through several adjustments to meet our community’s changing needs in a sustainable way during this time. However, currently delivery has been suspended due to low demand and a small staff. 

Do you ship?

Yes!  We do have carbon neutral shipping!  There are some larger quantity bulk items that are only available for pickup and delivery due to weight limit. 

How are your online shop products packaged?

We now have a variety of smaller quantities available that are pre-packaged in either compostable bags or glass jars. Please note that the tin ties on the tops of the bags do need to be removed before disposing of in a commercial composting receptacle (King County).

What shipping materials do you use?

We are currently reusing any boxes and packing materials that collect in the shop from product shipments. We are also using paper tape to seal boxes. We will reuse what we can find and hope to purchase very few new materials. 

Many other shops advertise about their plastic-free shipments, but if we are able to find some second-hand plastic packing materials, we will definitely use them. It is more important to us to use what we have than to completely avoid plastic just on principle. 

We will try to always include a note letting you know how the shipping materials should be disposed of.

Can't find a product you are looking for?  Or, are you interested in placing a special order?

If there is a product you would like to see added to our shop and/or the online store, or a custom quantity you are hoping to order, please reach out to us and we will see if we can accommodate your need.

Still have questions? Please send us an email at