Join the Scoop Team

Store Manager: 

In this role you will serve as the inventory and sourcing coordinator, while building valuable partnerships with our vendors and other businesses and organizations whose values align with ours. You will manager our shop team by coordinating schedules, partnering with our management team to hire new employees, and carrying out training and onboarding systems. During your regular shifts in the shop you will hear firsthand how our customers are experiencing the products that we carry, what questions they have about them, and what products & services we can improve or introduce to better meet their needs. 

Product Educator:

Serve the members of our community by sharing product info, helping them find what they need in the shop, scooping bulk goods, and assisting customers with their purchases. We are looking for someone who is committed to providing a consistently excellent customer experience while maintaining a passion for sustainable living and personal growth. We expect everyone on our team to be leaders in the Scoop Family with a foundation in our values of sustainability, community, and education.


Please check back here soon for more updated postings or feel free to send us a message and introduce yourself.  Thank you!