Marketing Intern Opportunity - Spring 2022

Excited by the idea of working for a company that is committed to being a beneficial presence in the world?

Want an opportunity to use your marketing skills and expand your knowledge with access to new tools, trainings and resources?

Love the idea of being part of a team of incredible individuals who are teaching people how to improve the quality of their lives while learning to walk more gently on the planet?

Then you might be a good fit for our Spring 2022 Marketing Internship!

Spring 2022 Internship: April - June 2022


Here at Scoop, we want members of our community to participate in local small business development, and to deepen the connections our store makes by spreading awareness and adding value to others’ lives. You get to work directly with the owner of Scoop Marketplace and the Store Operations Manager to develop the foundations of Scoop’s marketing strategy as we continue to grow.


This internship is a quarter-long test of a localized marketing strategy for our brick and mortar/e-commerce product-based retail shop using Pinterest, YouTube, our blog, email flows, partnerships, and collaborations with other like-minded businesses/people. Success will be measured by community response in revenue (both in-store and online), online order volume, and in-store transaction volume. 


While this internship is unpaid due to the financial hardships experienced by our small business throughout the pandemic, we are thinking outside the box to come up with a creative compensation plan to ensure that this experience is valuable to you including:

  • Use of our team discount to purchase Scoop products
  • Access to educational tools and resources paid for by Scoop
  • A sample kit to help familiarize yourself with some of our favorite products
  • Letters of recommendation/references for future opportunities
  • Partner with and learn from a small business owner
  • Flexible work schedule based on deliverables
  • Opportunity to experiment with different marketing strategies for a real business and put your creative mind to work 
  • Real world marketing experience with a small sustainable business to add to your resume & portfolio
  • The possibility of employment opportunities with Scoop post internship


What you bring to the table:

  • Work well independently from home and have strong boundaries
  • Upbeat, resourceful self-starter able to work in a dynamic environment with limited oversight.
  • Random bullet point inserted to see if you’re paying attention. Put the secret code in your application. The secret code is: “kombucha”
  • Enthusiastic about learning and trying new things

Once we identify our Spring 2022 interns, we will divvy up these projects and tasks based on the skill and interests of each individual. The Spring 2022 Internship will focus on the following topics:

  • Partner with the team to create content calendars that are in alignment with our mission, promotional calendars, and other seasonal considerations
  • Utilize Google Drive folders and project management tools to document and track tasks and systems
  • Partner with the team to create and implement strategies to post new and old content and integrate platforms including Pinterest, YouTube and our blog
  • Update our podcast to streamline show notes and pull quotes from the episodes to repurpose into new content
  • Develop a plan for acquiring customer reviews and testimonials and leveraging them throughout our marketing plan
  • Create content for social media platforms and post regularly, utilizing tools to automate the process where appropriate
  • Repurpose existing content to add value across all social channels
  • Experiment with new strategies to find what works best for the Scoop community: video, YouTube, TikTok, IG Reels, tutorials, community-sourced content, polls, etc.
  • Implement strategies to optimize hashtags, time and frequency of posts, types of posts etc.
  • Track, review, and assess insights and analytics across website and social platforms, always looking for ways to improve our performance


*Note: while this internship can be fully remote, we are hoping to find at least one intern who is available to come into the store regularly for marketing meetings and to capture photos and video for new content. Connecting with our customers in real life and having hands-on experience with our products is crucial to understanding our brand and engaging with our community in a meaningful way.


To apply:

  • Make sure to have the secret code handy. If you do not have the secret code, please do not apply.
  • Create a letter or up to 3-minute video to tell us how you fit THIS opportunity. Tell us what about this role would be a dream for you and why you’re the perfect candidate.

Click here to fill out the application and include a link to your letter or video (make sure it’s viewable by anyone).

Please contact Hannah at if you have any questions.  Thank you!

**Scoop Marketplace is an equal opportunity employer with a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion at all levels of our organization.