Marketing Specialist Job Opening

Do you love creating social media content that adds value and joy to people's lives? 

Do you get a thrill out of learning how to leverage social platforms, and determining the best way to implement new strategies?

Are you obsessed with keeping things organized and loooove a good color-coordinated spreadsheet?

Want to work with a supportive, fun team on a mission to normalize zero waste shopping and create a sustainable future?

Perhaps you’re right for our open position as a Marketing Specialist.

Scoop Marketplace is a zero waste grocery store in Kirkland, WA. It is an innovative business focused on normalizing zero waste grocery shopping. We sell a variety of bulk food, personal care products, and home goods that enable a sustainable lifestyle. By eliminating the need for disposable packaging, we are significantly reducing our environmental impact while saving our customers time and money. As we teach our community to waste less and live more, we are improving the quality of our lives while learning to walk more gently on the planet.

We are looking for someone to join the team as a Marketing Specialist. In this role you will serve as the social media manager and main point of contact for members of the Scoop community through email and social media messaging. You will also work regular shifts in the shop to make sure that you hear first hand how our customers are experiencing the products that we carry, what questions they have about them, and what information we can provide through our social channels to find creative solutions to their challenges and better meet our community's needs.

We are looking for someone who is committed to providing a consistently excellent customer experience, who manages multiple projects with ease, and has exceptional communication skills. We expect everyone on our team to be leaders in their role with a foundation in our values of sustainability, connection, and education.


  • Partner with team to create content calendars that are in alignment with our mission, promotional calendars, and other seasonal considerations
  • Utilize Google Drive folders and project management tools to document and track tasks and systems
  • Create content for social media platforms and post regularly, utilizing tools to automate the process where appropriate
  • Repurpose existing content to add value across all social channels
  • Experiment with new strategies to find what works best for the Scoop community: video, YouTube, TikTok, IG Reels, tutorials, community-sourced content, polls, etc.
  • Implement strategies to optimize hashtags, time and frequency of posts, types of posts etc.
  • Draft, publish, and send weekly emails to our community
  • Track, review, and assess insights and analytics across website and social platforms, always looking for ways to improve our performance
  • Make minor updates to the website including any changes in hours, creating and adding graphics to highlight new products or in-store events etc.
  • Keep hours and contact information up to date across all social platforms
  • Manage our customer-facing email account and respond to customer communications here and through all social media platforms 
  • Manage our Scoop Marketplace Founding Memberships including sending a monthly email, supporting them in our members only online community & finding new ways to delight them with exclusive opportunities.
  • Provide a luxurious customer experience (in store and online)
    • Maintain a friendly, welcoming and inclusive environment
    • Greet customers warmly
    • Teach customers bulk shopping etiquette
    • Share knowledge of products and help customers brainstorm solutions to their problems
    • Keep the shop orderly and well stocked to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations


      • Complete comfort working in person with our shop customers, as well as spending time working virtually to strategize for and manage our social media accounts
      • Ability to build personal rapport with community, customers and our team
      • Excitement to create world-class customer experiences
      • You do well working independently from home and have strong boundaries
      • Excellent writer who can pick up Scoop’s voice
      • An excellent content creator who has experience in at least two of the following: writing, photo, video, basic design (doesn’t need to be professional experience, this can be content shot and edited on your phone, designed in Canva, etc
      • Knowledge of, passion for, and experience with planning and creating content for social media, implementing strategies, and managing multiple accounts
      • You’re an organizational genius. We communicate with dozens (if not hundreds) of people on a daily basis and our goal is to make every interaction with each of those individuals a happy one, which involves keeping detailed records and notes. You will be managing content across several different platforms, coordinated with our promotional calendar, and further dictated by the feedback we receive from our community. This will take a significant amount of planning ahead and using tools to schedule and automate wherever it makes sense.  
      • Knowledge of, and interest in, sustainable living
      • Upbeat, resourceful self-starter able to work in a dynamic environment with limited oversight.
      • Random bullet point inserted to see if you’re paying attention. Put the secret code in your application. The secret code is: “green stuff”
      • Deep understanding of analytics for social media and eagerness to incorporate learnings from analysis to improve performance on social channels
      • A team player who enjoys engaging with the rest of the team to learn about new products, ongoings, and Scoop’s communication needs
      • Enthusiastic about learning and trying new things
      • Extremely strong people skills… hopefully that’s been made clear by now!


      • Help coordinate off-site events and represent Scoop Marketplace in the community
      • Step into a role specifically tailored to your strengths as the business grows and expands

        This role requires the ability to work cohesively within a team while maintaining your own, independent role, projects, and accountability of tasks and timeline. You will also be receiving guidance, support, and ideas from our team.

        As you can see, this isn’t simply a job.

        This is an opportunity to have your dream role fulfilling your calling to support our community, and living a fully expressed life doing what you love.

        Continued Education: We have many different resources available to help you to continually improve your social media strategies. Everything we do here is an experiment and we are always looking for ways to learn from our experiences and evolve. 

        Compensation begins at $16.75 per hour. 

        Job type: Full Time

        Please note: In the first 30 days, this role will be part time (approximately 20-25 hours per week) during the onboarding and training phase. It will increase to full time as we approach the opening of our kitchen in August and the store is fully operational once more.

        We are committed to being a beneficial presence in the community by working together to build a business that provides a luxury shopping experience, accessible to all.  

        As part of a team, you must be willing to collaborate with other team members to create a holiday schedule that works for everyone.

        Note: You will not be expected to work shifts in the shop all weekend, every weekend, but as a member of our team, we do need to schedule these shifts in a way that is equitable for all employees so you should be available for weekend shifts. We do like to maintain a regular schedule so that our team and customers know what to expect and can depend on a consistent experience, and we plan ahead to help each other accommodate travel plans and other absences. 



        To apply:

        • Make sure to have the secret code handy. If you do not have the secret code, please do not apply.
        • Create a letter or up to 3-minute video to tell us how you fit THIS job. Tell us what about this role would be a dream for you and why you’re the perfect candidate.

        Click here to fill out the application and include a link to your letter or video (make sure it’s viewable by anyone).

        **Scoop Marketplace is an equal opportunity employer with a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion at all levels of our organization.