Meet the Team

Stephanie Lentz | Founder & CEO

Stephanie Lentz
Stephanie grew up in the Seattle area and enjoys exploring the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. She has always chosen to follow her passion, and for many years that meant working with kids, teaching baking/cooking classes, catering for friends' parties, becoming a certified dance fitness instructor, and dabbling in performing arts. After becoming a mom, Stephanie took a particular interest in how her family's daily habits were impacting the planet, and after a bit of research, she realized it was time to make some drastic lifestyle changes. Stephanie created Scoop Marketplace out of a need for a grocery store that aligned with her family values. She is thankful to have an opportunity to bring her passion and skill together by teaching people how to live more sustainably and take intentional action to build the world they want to live in.


Hannah Fankhauser | Executive Assistant


Hannah was born and raised in Washington state and is passionate about everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer. She recently graduated Northwest University with a degree in Interpersonal Communications and a minor in Marketing. What excites Hannah most about her position at Scoop Marketplace is her ability to utilize every aspect of both her degrees while pursuing her life passion of normalizing sustainable living. In her free time, Hannah enjoys spending quality time with her husband (which usually involves thrifting and finishing puzzles) or binge watching Friends for the 500th time.


Darby Frey | Swap Box Director

Darby Frey bio picture

Darby recently moved from Pennsylvania to Seattle to live a lifestyle that is environmentally conscious, progressive, culturally rich, and overflowing with natural beauty. Darby believes in living sustainably and has taken great steps to promote green-living amongst her friends and family, but would like to help spread the message beyond her close circle. Darby believes that everyone can live a more sustainable life by making simple switches to daily routines that will make a great impact. We all share one home and it is everyone’s responsibility to work towards a cleaner and lasting future. When she’s not working, Darby loves spending her time outside enjoying various recreational activities like hiking, exploring local businesses, reading, and traveling.


Alyssa | Product Educator

Alyssa grew up in the SF Bay Area of California. There she cultivated her interest in conservation and learning about environmental issues. She moved to the PNW a few years ago and loves exploring the natural beauty this area has to offer — though she’ll probably never quite get used to the long rainy season. She’s excited to be part of the Scoop team and share sustainable, Earth-friendly practices and products with the community. In her free time, Alyssa can be found working on sewing projects, practicing pointed pen calligraphy, and cheering on her favorite NHL teams.


Claire | Product Educator


Claire is a recent college graduate with a degree in fashion business and a minor in environmental sustainability, who is invested in learning how a societal shift in mindset and values can create a greener and more inclusive future. By working at Scoop Marketplace, Claire gets to partake in helping customers on their low-waste lifestyle journey. When not at work, Claire enjoys watching Studio Ghibli films, plant-based baking, reading, and learning more about the intersection between fashion and holistic sustainability. In the fall, Claire will be attending graduate school to pursue her curiosities and dreams further.




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