Plan Your Visit


1. Create Your Shopping List: Being a conscious consumer and voting with our dollars in a way that builds the world we want to live in, means we need to normalize zero waste shopping for ourselves by getting as many things from Scoop as we can before going to the conventional grocery store to get the rest of the items on our list.
As a reminder - you do NOT need to be a member to shop at Scoop Marketplace! 

Bulk Goods Available In Kirkland

Any Of Our Online Products Are Available In Store!

2. Pack Your Clean & Empty Reusable Containers:  
HOT TIP: Pre-label each container so it's quick and easy for our staff (and yourself!) to know what's inside.

3. Make Your Way To Scoop Marketplace

Driving Instructions Coming North on I-405 N 
  1. Take exit 20A for NE 116th St
  2. Use any lane to turn left onto NE 116th St
  3. Continue onto NE Juanita Dr.
  4. Turn right onto 97th Ln NE
  5. At the stop sign (you'll see Starbucks to your left), turn right onto NE 119th Way
  6. Scoop Marketplace will be located a few feet to your right (after Mezcal Grill and before Edible Arrangements)
Driving Instructions Coming South on I-405 S 
  1. Take exit 20 for NE 124th St
  2. Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto NE 124th St
  3. Turn left onto 100th Ave NE
  4. Continue onto NE 120th Pl
  5. Continue onto 98th Ave NE
  6. Turn right onto NE 119th Way
  7. Scoop Marketplace will be located a few feet to your left (after Edible Arrangements and before Mezcal Grill)


Juanita Village (the shopping/residential area we are located in!) has free 2 hour parking available. There are two main, free parking areas:

  1. Parking is available directly in front of our shop on 119th Way
  2. There is a retail parking garage on 97th Ln NE
  • If you turn onto 97th Ln NE from NE 119th Way, the garage will be on your LEFT 
  • If you turn onto 97th Ln NE from NE Juanita Dr, the garage will be on your RIGHT 

4. Tare Your Containers
When you walk in to shop bulk, please immediately tare your empty containers with the FillJoy system BEFORE filling them with product! 
At this time, team members will tare all customer containers up front at the register!
They will take your container and weigh it (with the lid on!) and wrap a tag around it.
Once your container has been tagged, you are ready to fill! 
*** Please do not remove the tag and keep track of it, so it doesn't get confused with any of your other containers. The tag stores the weight of your empty container and will be used again upon checkout. Mixing up the tags could massively affect the final price of the product you're purchasing. ***
5. Fill Them Up!
Our Rules For Filling Bulk Products: 
  1. Your container must be empty in order to fill -- our team members will not tare a container that has any leftover product (see our FAQ to read an explanation for this rule).
  2. You must always use a funnel. It is okay if you use the same funnel multiple products/containers - but feel free to switch them out! 
  3. Use a NEW scoop for every different product you decide to purchase. This eliminates the risk of cross contamination and is a security measure for our community members with allergies. 
  4. You can find scoops and funnels in metal buckets located around the store. You are allowed to use any counter space available to fill your containers, but we would appreciate it if you would dump your dirty scoops/funnels in one of the two 'Dirty Dishes' boxes located nearby.
  5. If you wish to purchase a bulk product that is too high on a shelf to reach, please do not use our ladder. Alert a team member and we would be more than happy to climb up and grab it for you!  
6. Weigh And Pay 

The best part about shopping zero waste and bulk is that you are only paying for what you purchase! We use the tare weight (the weight of the empty container) that is stored in the tag to ensure that you are only paying for the weight of the product. 

When you bring your products to the register, we will place your filled container on our scale and scan the tag. Our FillJoy system will do the math and the price that remains will account only for what you filled! 

**Due to the heavy credit card fees we are expected to pay as a small business, we require that all card transactions must be higher than $10 or be subject to a $1 processing fee. You are more than welcome (and encouraged!) to pay with cash in these situations to avoid the fee. Thank you for your understanding!** 

7. Leave Scoop Marketplace Feeling Good About Shopping Scoop First & Helping The Planet 


Have Any Additional Questions? Check Out Our FAQ Page!