Recycling At Scoop

We are happy to offer a few opportunities for you to bring items to recycle while you shop in store! Below you will find a list of the products we are able to accept: 

1. Razor Products (Brought to you by our partnership with Seattle Zero Waste and TerraCycle!)

  • Blades & Razors (please bring individual blades in some sort of container) 
  • Razor Systems & Disposable Units
  • Replaceable - Blade Cartridge Units 
  • Rigid Plastic Razor Packaging 
  • Flexible Plastic Bag Packaging (Razor) 

2. Personal Care Products (Brought to you by our partnership with Seattle Zero Waste and TerraCycle!)

  • Mouthwash Bottles & Caps 
  • Toothbrushes 
  • Deodorant Containers & Caps 
  • Soap Packaging 
  • Floss Containers 
  • Toothpaste Tubes & Caps 

3. Scoop Marketplace's Free Tiny Library 

  • Children's Books 
  • Books: BIPOC/LGBTQ+ Representation or Authors 
  • Books: Environmental Education 
  • Novels 
  • Games 

**If you see something you like on the shelf, please take it with you!! This is a free community library! 

4. Bring Back Your House-Made Products Containers! 

  • We are excited to have recently begun offering house-made food products, like soup and cookie mixes (you can browse the selection here). If you purchase one of these products, you are welcome to bring back the jar, twine and label. We will sanitize and reuse the packaging for future house-made products!! 

5. Bring Back Your Sweet Alchemy Ice Cream Pints 

  • Sweet Alchemy sanitizes and reuses these glass containers for future pints of ice cream! Feel free to bring yours back after enjoying it, and we will give it back to Sweet Alchemy!

6. Used Containers (Any Material) 


Additionally, we have a second-hand wish list of items we are looking to accept to grow our offerings at Scoop Marketplace. If you are interested in more ways to support Scoop Marketplace, this is a fantastic way to help us without spending money (and help clean out your house!)! You can browse our list here.