Scoop Intelligence

Learn everything you need to know to become a leader in sustainability. 

As part of our commitment to continued education, growth and evolution, we offer a variety of online workshops, courses, and coaching services to support your journey towards a more sustainable future.
We take the guesswork out of building your sustainable business so you can focus your time and energy on meeting the needs of your unique community, accelerate your progress, and expand your capacity for impact.
Whether you’re interested in learning how to open a zero waste store of your own, want to improve your understanding of sustainability as a whole and the systems at play, or are interested in learning to make the most delicious low waste, plant based food, we are here to support you with the resources, accountability, and inspiration that you need to be successful!


Visit for access to:

  1. Our Zero Waste Hero resources to teach you how to open your own zero waste store
  2. Our Positive Impact Professionals (PIP) Course to guide you on your path to becoming a sustainability oriented leader in your business or place of work.

  3. Low waste plant based digital cooking courses that will have you cooking the most delicious food with a lower environmental impact in no time!