Scoop Swap Box

Starting your journey of living an environmentally conscious lifestyle can be challenging to figure out and time-consuming to research sustainable options. We're right there with you! Our mission is to support you every step of the way by sourcing the highest quality items that will fit easily into your lifestyle and match your values.

To help with your sustainability journey, we bring you: the Scoop Swap Box.

Scoop Swap Box is a monthly subscription box that arrives right on your doorstep, full of creative and innovative sustainable swaps that will help you step-up or jump start your everyday eco-friendly habits.

The Scoop Swap Box is more than just a subscription, it's a support system!

As long as you remain an active subscriber, you will have access to:

  • A supportive online community of other Scoop Subscribers who are working towards the same goal
  • Monthly educational resources, including blogs, videos, or podcast episodes on that month's theme
  • Time-saving monthly emails that introduce you to high quality brands and items

Each month’s box focuses on a different theme or topic and ships out the second week of the month.

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What's in the Scoop Swap Box?

Each box is crafted with eco-friendly items and additional resources that are designed around life themes (such as the kitchen, the bathroom, cleaning, etc) or the time of year. We promise — once you start using the sustainable swaps, you won’t know how to live without them. We are now excited to offer two size options: the Single-Scoop at $25 per month and the Double-Scoop at $55 per month.

The Single Scoop is a great way to try smaller sizes before committing to a full product, where as the Double Scoop will include full sizes and an additional item.

Swap Box Examples 

The Double-Scoop October Scoop Swap Box includes: 

Theme: Fall Into Sustainability

  • Loose Leaf Tea from Mountain Rose Herbs
  • Reusable Tea Bag
  • Fall Scented Soap Bar
  • Fall Scented Soy Candle
  • Bamboo Bag Clip
  • Eco Balm

The October Swap Box: Fall into Sustainability!

How it Works

Each month, you can enroll in the subscription program from the first of the month through the 25th of the month, while quantities last. We have a limited number of extra boxes each month so that we are mindful of the amount of product we order, so that we do not have excess in order to be mindful of the planet.

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