Shop In-Store

Here you will find the lists of all products currently available in bulk at our brick and mortar Seattle location.  We try our best to keep these up to date and indicate if a product is currently out of stock.  This can be a great resource for planning for your next visit to Scoop Marketplace.  Don't forget to bring your CLEAN and DRY reusable containers (and your mask)!

If you do forget your containers, find something special in the shop unexpectedly, or just simply need more reusable containers, don't worry.  We have you covered!  We have a variety of reusable container options available for purchase, as well as donated second hand containers available in the shop.  

Please note that all products in our online store are available for purchase in the shop as well.  The only exception is that large quantities of bulk (for example, 25 lb of oats or 50 lb of flour) must be ordered ahead of time before being available for pickup in the shop. 

Coffee & Tea

Flours, Sweeteners, Baking Ingredients, Salts

Household Products

Oils & Vinegars

Personal Care

Pulses, Grains, Seeds, Pastas

Reusable Containers & Storage

Spices & Dried Herbs