Here at Scoop Marketplace, sustainability is at the core of everything we do. As a purpose-driven company, we strive to put the people & planet before everything else. You can find our full list of commitments, goals, and updates in our 2020 Sustainability Report! 


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2021 Sustainability Goals: Tracking and Measurement

February 1 2021- January 31, 2022


Waste Generation: 

Goal: 0 pounds of landfill waste, use our benchmark value to decrease our future recycling waste

Current Tracking: 17.06 lbs of recycling waste, 0 lbs of compost waste, 3.83 lbs of landfill waste


Energy Usage 

Goal: use our benchmark value in kilowatt hours to decrease our future usage

Current Tracking: Still measuring.


Water Usage 

Goal: use our benchmark value to create more efficient processes, investing in green technology to reduce grey water waste

Current Tracking: Still measuring.


Carbon Emissions

Goal: use our benchmark value to decrease our CO2 emissions, net 0 emissions from shipping in 2021 using Sendle for carbon offsets. 

Current Tracking: 0 lbs CO2-e emissions from shipping (thanks to our carbon offsets!); 1446.12 lbs CO2-e emissions from employee commuting.



Goal: use our benchmark value to decrease our total footprint, and to use Scoop’s resources to help employees live well below the benchmark.

Current Tracking: Still measuring.


Supply Chain

Goal: Increase our total percentage of vendors in these groups, use our privilege and platforms to boost other BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and Woman-owned small businesses, tighten our supply chain by intentionally investing in the most local option first.

Current Tracking: 66% of our vendors are BIPOC, Woman, and/or Family-Owned! 52.9% of our vendors are local to our community, and we are continuing to prioritize local options first. 



Goal: provide recycling or composting services for 100% of our products with packaging; prevent products with non-recyclable packaging from being on our shelves

Current Tracking: 100% of the packaging we carry is either compostable, recyclable, or endlessly reusable. We provide recycling services for hard-to-recycle items (like poly bags) and will provide compost bins in the near future. 



Goal: 100% organic or organically grown ingredients in our food products, 100% vegan products in all departments, employee tested and approved products prior to being placed on shelves. 

Current Tracking: 100% organic & vegan food products.



Goal: Use our platform and privilege to boost small businesses we partner with through non-profit partnerships, vendors, and more. Host educational campaigns for our non-profit partnerships and donate 2% of our profits for a specific time period to them. Continue to nourish our relationships and find new ways to serve our community.

Current Tracking: Hosted 9 pop-ups in our space for other small businesses.



Goal: To become a certified B Corporation by the end of 2021 to show our full commitment to being a beacon of social and environmental sustainability in our community. 

Current Tracking: We are working with the B Lab team to get all of our documentation in order for a full B Corp Certification!



Scoop Intelligence will begin offering educational scholarships to the EcoCitizen

Certification Course to BIPOC members of our community that do not have access to sustainability education. 

Current Tracking: We will begin offering scholarships in our next EcoCitizen Launch. 


If you have any questions, please contact Taylor at 


UPDATED: July 5, 2021