Become a Purpose-Driven Leader in Sustainability!


The EcoCitizen Certification Course

Global Perspectives on Sustainability and Your Guide to Solving the World's Problems 

Sustainability issues have permeated just about every industry on our planet, and will continue to do so. There is a huge opportunity for education in this area, and it starts with YOU. Education is the single most impactful step you can take as an individual to combat climate change, while also taking advantage of the high demand for sustainability-oriented leadership. 


If you're reading this, you have likely experienced some of the following: 

  • Growing consumer demand for sustainable products in your industry 
  • Information overload on sustainability topics
  • Unclear messaging from companies about their sustainability efforts and goals
  • Lack of knowledge regarding the connection of human & Earth systems that can help inform your consumer choices


This program will teach you about sustainability on a national and global scale. We will dive into the intersection of social and environmental sustainability and topics such as environmental justice, business, policy, human development, economics, and more.

You will walk away from this course equipped with substantial knowledge to become a purpose-driven and informed business leader in sustainability.


Here's a sneak peak at our modules we will be diving into: 

  • Module 1: Climate Change x Sustainability 
  • Module 2: Population Ecology x Sustainability
  • Module 3: Human Development x Sustainability 
  • Module 4: Energy x Sustainability 
  • Module 5: U.S. Environmental Policy x Sustainability 
  • Module 6: Business x Sustainability 
  • Module 7: Environmental Economics x Sustainability 
  • Module 8: Environmental Justice x Sustainability


Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll through Scoop Intelligence: 

The complete EcoCitizen Certification Course- $1,350 value 

  • Bonus 1 - One-on-One Sustainability Coaching Session with Taylor ($300 value)
  • Bonus 2 - A How To Guide to Writing Your First Sustainability Report ($900 value)
  • Bonus 3 - Goal Finder Exercise for You & Your Business (Value: $350)

Total Value: $2,900

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just: $575


Spring 2021 Cohort: First Module Drops on April 5th!

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