The Scoop Story

Scoop founder, Stephanie Lentz, got the idea to open a zero waste grocery store after she, her husband, and two young children made some significant lifestyle changes. A journey into plant based living led them to explore minimalism, plastic-free living, and the zero waste movement. 

After a couple of years of research and making adjustments to daily routines, Stephanie decided it was time to create a grocery store that better aligned with her family values. With a 3 year old son and a 6 month old daughter snuggled up next her, she began working on her business plan between her husband's shifts at the fire department.

On Earth Day of 2019, Scoop Marketplace opened in a 200 square foot retail space in the Central District of Seattle. The community welcomed Scoop enthusiastically and the business began to grow, quickly expanding beyond the walls of their tiny space.

2020 brought new opportunities for Scoop to serve the community as people began to reach out looking for a more convenient way to access zero waste groceries. On a whim, Stephanie built an e-commerce site overnight and launched shipping and delivery services to make low waste groceries more readily available to members of the Scoop Community.

In an effort to exponentially expand our impact, Stephanie created Scoop Intelligence to provide e-learning opportunities for aspiring ecopreneurs who are looking for support on their journey to opening zero waste businesses of their own. The digital course, Zero to Zero Waste Hero, provides a roadmap for opening a zero waste store, and so far 28 students from Hawaii to the United Kingdom have taken this course and are well on their way to opening zero waste stores in their communities. 

As we move swiftly into the holiday season and close out 2020, Team Scoop is preparing for its biggest move yet. We have secured a lease on a new space and are looking forward to moving Scoop Marketplace to the Eastside of Lake Washington to serve the greater Seattle area from a prime location.

In January of 2021, Scoop Marketplace will celebrate the grand opening of their new, and much larger, location at Juanita Village in Kirkland, WA. This new location will give us the space we need to significantly expand our offerings and take steps toward becoming a full-service, package-free grocery store. 

Our mission is to normalize zero waste grocery shopping, by teaching people how to improve the quality of their lives as they learn to walk more gently on the planet. And we are right on time to lead the way in this growing movement.