Reusable menstrual products are a game changer, and these cloth pads, that our friend, Dez, custom makes for us, take the experience a step further because they are so stunningly beautiful! Dez uses organic cotton on top, an organic bamboo core for absorbancy, and a waterproof layer of fleece on the back. Dez is incredibly talented and manages to produce pads that are incredibly slim and comfortable with maximum absorbancy. 


We know that it matters what we are putting on and in our bodies, and we are so done with the taboo and shame around menstruation. We need to own it, understand it and celebrate it. What better way to start than by valuing your body enough to create a positive experience around your period?


Investing in reusable menstrual products will save you lots of money in the long run, and eliminating the toxic chemicals found in many of the conventional disposable products will have some substantial health benefits as well! 


Select the absorbancy and length. The print you receive will be a surprise! 

Cloth Menstrual Pads

  • Use & Care: Put it in with the pretty side up and snap the wings around your underwear. Just do a quick interenet search and you'll find many different wash routines. What we suggest: rinse them out in the shower or sink, wash with your normal laundry, and hang to dry.

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