Scoop founder, Stephanie, put this 12oz cup together for her young kids to use a couple of years ago. After several requests from the community for a plastic-free kids cup, she decided to sell them in the shop as well. This cup is easy for small hands to grip and is very durable. Of course, as it has a straw, when tipped over, it may spill, but the lid has a good seal around both the jar and the straw. 


The silicone jar jacket adds an element of fun with a bright color and playful star cut-out design. It also helps to protect the glass jar and makes it easier to hold on to. 

The glass straw is made locally by a family who also has young children. We love their glass straws for several reasons:

1. No metalic taste.

2. You can see through them to know if they are clean.

3. They have nice, smooth, rounded ends.

4. They are slightly bent so they won't roll away from you when you set them down on the counter.


These straws are very durable and come with a lifetime guarentee from the manufacturer. 


These cups work great for cold or warm beverages and fit easily in cup holders.

Plastic-Free Kids Cup

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