Soap & Shampoo Bar, Booda Suds of Love
Soap & Shampoo Bar, Booda Suds of Love

Soap & Shampoo Bar, Booda Suds of Love

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Handcrafted with Certified Organic & Raw Oils • Naked/Unscented • Non-GMO • Cruelty-Free • Vegan • No Additives • Biodegradable  • Palm Oil Free • Wax-Free • Perfect for Travel and Camping

An all-in-one soap handcrafted from scratch soap bar with only Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Olive Oil! The traditional cold process preserves the nourishing properties of these raw, organic oils and makes this soap super gentle, soothing, and blissfully moisturizing - excellent for any bathing needs! Enjoy the rich, creamy lather for body and face, as well as a soothing shampoo and shaving cream. It's the eco-friendly way to bathe!

Soothes dry, itchy skin & scalp!

Ingredients: (*Certified Organic & Unrefined) Olive Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Fair Trade Shea Butter*, Filtered Spring Water** & Sodium Hydroxide**.  (**None remains after saponifying oils. Air-dried for over 2 months and hand-cut with love!


To Bathe: Wash from the top of your head to the tips of your toes! Any parts that need some sudsy love — everything but the eyes! Also, try with a natural loofah to work up more bubbles and exfoliate dead skin.

For Shaving: Rub vigorously between palms to work up a creamy lather and use in place of shaving cream. You'll love how smooth and soft it leaves the skin! (no irritation or bumps!) You may also enjoy using a shaving brush to apply lather to the face.

As a Shampoo: Rub bar directly into the scalp by running along the length of hair several times, front to back. Massage to create a rich lather and rinse.  You may also work up bubbles between palms and then rub them into your head wherever needed. The more you use, the more unwanted grease it removes, without drying hair out and stripping natural oils! Hair may feel more squeaky clean than most bottle shampoos, but soft, shiny, and manageable.

At the bathroom sink: This bar works great for washing up after a trip to the bathroom. Cut into halves or quarters, and keep a bar at every sink.

And more... This also works as an effective Stain Remover! Simply rub the bar directly into soiled clothing, let sit for a bit, and launder as usual. Our soap bar can also be enjoyed as a Solid Dish Washing Block. Place bar by the sink on our wooden Soap Rest and using a scrub brush, gently work up a thick lather to wash dishes the plastic-free way!

Storage: To extend the life of your bar, make sure to keep dry between uses. 

Suds of Love is made the slow, old-fashioned way with cold process techniques that date back to the Babylonian Era. This means no short-cuts, machinery, or melt-and-pour methods! Each bar is unique, hand-cut, and air-dried for over 2 months, so discolorations and imperfections are normal and just a sign that it’s authentic! Suds of Love is made with the finest organic, vegan, and raw oils and with no extra additives. Only fresh filtered spring water for saponification, so it leaves no residue of chemicals, chlorine, or fluoride in the finished product. This all creates a bar of soap that is blissfully pure, mild, and truly moisturizing!

3.8 oz (108 g) Bar of Soap