Cacao Powder, Organic, Fair Trade 1 lb (Pre-Packed)

Cacao Powder, Organic, Fair Trade 1 lb (Pre-Packed)

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Our Cacao Powder is made from Certified Organic cacao beans.

The beans are sorted and cleaned, then selected for grinding. After grinding they are peeled and broken into nibs. The best nibs are selected for packing.

The cacao nibs are milled to make cacao liquor/paste, then conditioned to extract the cacao butter. The remaining “Cacao Cake” is cooled and milled at room temperature.

Cacao Powder is versatile and dissolves easily in liquids. Add to your smoothies, baked goods, and desserts. Mix with cane sugar over in-direct heat for an over the top chocolate experience.

Sources: South America

This item comes packed in a compostable bag. Please remove the tin-tie at the top before disposing of in a commerical composting receptacle.