Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin, Unrefined, Organic HB

Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin, Unrefined, Organic HB

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Coconut oil provides a source of medium chain triglycerides such as lauric and caprylic acid.

The flavor is mild with a fresh coconut taste and a strong coconut aroma. The color will vary from white to very light yellow. The oil will liquefy around 80 degrees and then re-solidify with small crystalline structure if cooling rapidly or large crystalline structure if slowly.

Due to the limited processing of this product some sediment or discoloration may occur at the bottom of the jar.

Origin: Phillipines

Comes in a returnable glass jug or plastic bucket.  Please do not rinse or attempt to clean the container before returning to Scoop.  If water or soap enters the jug, it can not be accepted for reuse.