Flour, Garbanzo, Organic (Pre-packed)

Flour, Garbanzo, Organic (Pre-packed)

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Organic Garbanzo Flour is made from chickpeas (aka garbanzos), and our flour is a great option for those sensitive to gluten, as it is certified Gluten-Free.

This Organic Garbanzo Bean Flour is made using the Unifine Milling Process. In this process the grain enters a high speed rotor and is instantly shattered into fine flour. Air goes through the rotor with the grain and blows the flour out, thus keeping it cool throughout the process, retaining many nutrients. With this process the natural oils in the grain are kept intact and do not get hot like in regular grain milling and stoneground milling.

Garbanzo Bean Flour is high in protein. Often used as a replacement for gluten flour in baked goods, it may be used to thicken soups and gravies, or added to homemade veggie burger patties.

This item comes packed in a compostable bag.  Pleaes remove tin-tie at the top of the bag before disposing of in a commerical composting receptacle.