Flour, Masa Harina, Corn, Organic, Prepacked

Flour, Masa Harina, Corn, Organic, Prepacked

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Masa Harina means “dough flour” in Spanish. This flavorful stone ground flour is made by drying corn that is cooked in an alkaline solution. This loosens the hulls from the kernels and softens the corn. The prepared corn is washed, then dried and ground into the finished product. This processing technique changes the structure of the corn, allowing proteins and other nutrients, like niacin, to be better assimilated by the digestive track.

Masa Harina is the traditional flour used for centuries to make tortillas, tamales and other Mexican dishes. Our Organic Yellow Masa Harina Corn Flour is also great in recipes that call for cornmeal.

Source: USA

This item comes packed in a compostable bag.  Please remove tin-tie at top of bag before disposing of in a commercial composting receptacle.