Hot/Cold Headache Pack, Organic Flax Seeds

Hot/Cold Headache Pack, Organic Flax Seeds

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These are an excellent way to help with all of life's aches and pains!

Filled with organic flax seed and made with 100% cotton fabric and double sewn by hand.

Use Instructions:

Cool: Place pack in the freezer (in a freezer bag or zip lock to keep your packs fresh) for about 20 minutes before use, or keep in freezer between each use.

This is a great way to relieve tension, headaches, fever, sore muscles and to help reduce swelling.

Warm: Heat slowly in the microwave; 15 seconds on one side, then flip and heat 15 seconds on the other side. Do not let it get too hot and b
e cautious of burning the fabric in the microwave.

The organic flax seeds inside are great for holding onto heat for an extended period.