Kombu Flakes Jar

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Kombu is a brown seaweed found in sheltered rocky sea beds in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Ecologically, Saccharina latissima is an important part of the coastal food web, providing food and habitat for sea animals. This edible kelp is widely savored in eastern Asia and is one of the main ingredients in dashi, a Japanese soup stock. Our kombu seaweed flakes are cultivated off the Atlantic coast in North America. Kombu flakes can even be used to brew a nourishing and flavorful seaweed tea.

Added to soups and stocks, used in sushi making- both in the preparation of the rice and in the rolls themselves. “Kombucha” or “seaweed tea” is a beverage brewed from dried kombu. This is sometimes confused with “kombucha,” the English name for the fermented and sweetened tea originally from China and Russia.

Source: USA

The large 4 oz jar holds approximately 6 Tablespoons (18 teaspoons).

All spices are organic.