Scoop Swap Box (Local Pickup Only)

Scoop Swap Box (Local Pickup Only)

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This option is only for pickup at Scoop Marketplace in Kirkland, WA. Need your box shipped? Order HERE.

Scoop Swap Box is a monthly subscription that brings zero waste alternatives right to your door! We created the Box to help you test out and find the right Scoop Swaps to fit your sustainable lifestyle. Each box is crafted with reusable, sustainably sourced items and packaged in fully recyclable or compostable packing so that your entire Scoop Swap Box is zero waste.

Each month’s box focuses on a different theme or topic and comes out the first week of the month. Our first Scoop Swap Box theme is A Summer of Sustainable Swaps, and it will be available to pick up the first week of August. The box has a retail value of over $80.

Our mission is to support you every step of the way by sourcing the highest quality items that will fit perfectly into your lifestyle and match your values.

This is more than just a box; it’s a community we are building.
Subscribers will have access to online educational material and a FB community of subscribers to ask questions, share resources, and support each other in our everyday sustainable living.

Subscribe to the Scoop Swap Box today!

We're still figuring out this new subscription system, so for right now, ordering your box for pickup requires a few extra steps. The system is silly and at checkout says that subscriptions are "not available for pickup". But we have a workaround for now, and when ordering your box, just follow these steps:

  1. Add the “Scoop Swap Box (Local Pickup Only)" product to your Cart
  2. Enter your contact information and then select SHIP (we know this seems odd, just trust us)
  3. Continue to Payment — you will notice that shipping is listed as free, which means that you will not be charged for shipping and your box will be available for pickup from Scoop
  4. Add your payment information and select, Pay Now, and then that's it — you're subscribed!