Single Serve/Camp Coffee

Single Serve/Camp Coffee

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Onda Origins' single-serve coffee bag makes enjoying a better cup of coffee even easier. Just add hot water.
Their freshly ground coffee is pre-packed in an immersion filter and nitro-sealed in guilt-free packaging that's made from compostable and renewable materials.
Perfect for when you're on the trail, on the go, or just don't want to mess with coffee equipment.

farmer: Ivonne Herrera

origin: Las Paràsitas, Santa Elena Barillas, Guatemala, 1500m

variety: Catuai / Sarchimore / Caturra

process: Washed

tasting notes: Almond, orange, citrus, chocolate, sweet, creamy

about: Ivonne is a single mother who manages her own coffee farm

powering: The world's first blockchain-traced coffee maximizes revenue for Ivonne, making her farm profitable for the first time in several years.