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What Is The Brush Handle Made Of? Bamboo! The handle is lightweight and compostable. Bristles are durable and made of vegan DuPont Nylon - recyclable wherever nylon is accepted. The non-toxic paint tip prevents early decay - to last as long as other leading plastic toothbrushes (except they won't last 1,000 years like the plastic ones). An ergonomic handle and rounded smooth head makes brushing very enjoyable!  Toothbrushes come in recyclable and compostable packages made from kraft paper. 

Why We Love This Product:

  • 100% compostable and recyclable materials
  • DuPont nylon bristles are durable and can be recycled
  • Give back to your favorite cause with each purchase
  • Sales from the blue line go towards conserving the world’s oceans
  • Sales from the yellow line support bee and pollinator conservation
  • Sales from the rainbow line go towards protecting LGBTQ+ Equality
  • Sales from the red line go towards protecting womxn’s rights
  • Sales from the green line go towards funding mental health

MamaP Values: 

  • 5% of Sales Goes To Non-Profits
  • 1% For The Planet Member
  • Minority & Woman Certified Business

How Can I Dispose Of My Bamboo Toothbrush?  Three Easy Ways to Dispose Brushes - You Choose

1. Compost - Start by breaking the head off and throwing it in the trash. Now you can go ahead and compost the handle. Important: Keep the bristles intact to avoid them ending up in the water supply or environment.

2. Recycle - You can recycle through TerraCycle’s oral care recycling program. Simply stop by a local drop-off center or send the brushes to TerraCycle by mail.