Vinegar, White Wine, Organic, 1 Gallon HB

Vinegar, White Wine, Organic, 1 Gallon HB

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Made from white wine, our Organic White Wine Vinegar is a consistent acidity of 6%. The vinegar can be sharp or mellow, depending on the original substrate. It is essential for certain light vinaigrettes, beurre blanc, and marinades.

Our Organic Vinegars are produced only with first quality grapes, that have been cultivated under the guidelines of organic agricultural methods. These methods protect the environment by reducing the use of fertilizers, and totally avoiding pesticides and synthetic herbicides.

The entire production is processed in accordance with the International Standards set forth by the renowned certifier, ECOCERT Italy. ECOCERT Italy assists the producer in every phase of production, from selecting and processing the raw material, to control of Organic documentation, product labeling, packaging, and storage.

Comes in a returnable glass jug.  Please do not rinse or attempt to clean the jug before returning to Scoop.  If water or soap enters the jug, it can not be accepted for reuse.

Note: Larger quantity bulk items must be ordered from our vendors. These orders may take a week to two weeks for us to receive them. Please be aware that the pick-up/delivery prep time for these items may be longer than our standard prep time.