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VIP Membership

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We are so excited to welcome you into our community as one of our VIP Members! Our memberships were designed in a way that allows you to be rewarded for being a beneficial presence in the world. When you join, you are committing to making zero waste grocery shopping a normal part of your routine AND you are contributing to our growth and increasing community access to our services, all the while enjoying a discount on every single purchase both in-store and online!

This includes:
  • Annual membership price locked in for life
  • 10% discount on all Scoop purchases
  • Access to our large quantity bulk food ordering service
  • First look at new products and pre-order opportunities
  • Continued opportunities to provide insight on Scoop’s growth & development
  • Exclusive Member only events
  • And more!
Note: Your membership will renew one year from the date of purchase.

When you join our membership program, you are supporting our continued growth and expansion with your annual fee and your commitment to make shopping with us a regular part of your routine (might as well make the most of that discount!). These fees fund our operations and as we grow will help us to purchase new equipment, expand our inventory, and give back to the community in a more abundant way.

Becoming a Scoop Member and normalizing zero waste shopping is one of the simplest ways to build the world you want to live in! Come join the fun!