Scoop Shares

*Large quantity bulk. This program allows you to purchase large unopened bags of bulk products. This is a way for you to get a quantity that better suits your needs, purchase products at a lower price per pound, and/or collaborate with members of your community to split large bags of bulk products and reduce time and emissions spent driving to the store for smaller, package-free purchases.

Reduce your waste by shopping in bulk* with the Scoop Shares community. Order bulk* food from home through our online order form and pick up your items in store! 


As a member of this community you will have access to products that are not currently available in-store, such as nuts, granola and chocolate chips, as well as the ability to purchase larger quantities of the products you use most.


We look forward to testing out this program, collecting your feedback, and implementing changes as we prepare to launch this program on a larger scale later on in 2020.


Have suggestions of products you want to see on the order form? Send them our way!

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